It’s hard to tell exactly how many people live outside the country of their birth, or citizenship. Some estimates reckon that if you added them all up, expats would make up the fourth largest nation in the world, a massive tribe of people with split identities and realities that can’t easily be explained.  Sometimes being complicated is the very essence of being an expatriate or immigrant or migrant worker, and you find yourself dealing with issues that weren’t issues until they were; until you were you-but-somewhere-else, or being somewhere else turned you into someone else, or someone else told you who you were or weren’t.

Complicated stuff, eh?

But here’s the thing: whatever you took, whatever you feel, whatever drove you from or drew you to – we all carry stories, and nothing makes stories more interesting than going under the the identity lens that comes with being an expat.

And that’s what Outside Culture Magazine is about: a chance for those living abroad (or who have lived abroad) to share their stories, true or fiction.

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